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Ultrasspeech-biofeedback has been developed in the context of the Revison clinical study which aims at assessing the benefit of visual articulatory biofeedback for the rehabilitation of speech sound disorders after a partial glossectomy.

Similarly to as Ultraspeech-player, a schematic contour delimiting the oral cavity is superimposed in real time onto the live ultrasound image stream. Just before a new therapy session session, it is possible to manually adjust the display to the intraoral morphology of a new user (all settings are stored in a file which can be reloaded afterwards).

Note that Ultraspeech-biofeedback is only compatible with Telemed ultrasound systems (and not with the Terason T3000).

Related publications: Girod-Roux, M., Hueber, T., Fabre, D., Gerber, S., Canault, M., Bedoin, N., Acher, A., Beziaud, N., Truy, E., Badin, P., “Rehabilitation of speech disorders following glossectomy, based on, ultrasound visual illustration and feedback”, Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, doi: 10.1080/02699206.2019.1700310