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May 11, 2016

Ultraspeech 1.3 available

Ultraspeech 1.3 is available for download !


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I'm happy to announce the release of Ultraspeech 1.3. This major release brings several improvements, among which:

  • Compatibility with the Telemed Echoblaster ultrasound system (major update)The integration of this new ultrasound system in Ultraspeech is still at an early stage. Nevertheless, preliminary experiments done by myself and two other colleagues (Emanuelle Ferragne and Hannah King, many thanks to them !) shows that Ultraspeech performs well, in terms of stability and ultrasound-audio synchronisation. 
  • A completly re-written Direct-to-Disk (DTD) recording mode (major update), which is used by some of you for long continuous recordings (i.e. more than 30 seconds per chunck). In the new architecture, multi-threading programming techniques are used to transfer continuously chunks of ultrasound/video/audio data from the RAM memory to a large pre-allocated buffer file on the hard drive, during the recording. This should be much more efficient than the previous approach (notably when using a SSD hard drive). 
  • Support of 64 bits OS (for the Telemed Echoblaster only): Contrary to the Terason T3000, the Telemed can be used on 64bits Windows OS. Therefore, I provide also a 64bits version of Ultraspeech installer for 64bits Windows XP / 7. 
  • Support of native spatial resolution for ultrasound images for both Terason and Telemed systems which is 640x480 pixels (in previous release, the resolution was limited to 320x240 pixels). 
  • Support of  Windows WASAPI audio API (by integrating the new updates of rtAudio API developed at McGill university). However, I strongly recommend to use ASIO sound cards/drivers to get a good synchronisation between audio and ultrasound/video.
  • and as always, some bug fixes, improvements of the user interface, etc. 
For more details on this release, please visit the "release notes » on Ultraspeech wiki (documentation on the wiki has also been updated). As usual, Ultraspeech 1.3 can be downloaded at www.ultraspeech.com in the download section.