Some of my publications related to Ultraspeech-tools 


Hueber, T., Chollet, G., Denby, B., and Stone, M. (2008). "Acquisition of ultrasound, video and acoustic speech data for a silent-speech interface application," Proceedings of International Seminar on Speech Production (Strasbourg, France), pp. 365-369.

Ultramat (EigenTongue)

Hueber, T., Aversano, G., Chollet, G., Denby, B., Dreyfus, G., Oussar, Y., Roussel, P., and Stone, M. (2007). "Eigentongue feature extraction for an ultrasound-based silent speech interface," Proceedings of ICASSP (Honolulu, USA), pp. 1245-1248. 


Hueber T., "Ultraspeech-player: Intuitive visualization of ultrasound articulatory data for speech therapy and pronunciation training", Proceedings of Interspeech (show&tell), Lyon, France, 2013, pp.752-753.


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