Ultramat - Matlab toolbox for analyzing ultrasound speech data

Ultramat toolbox is an open-source set of Matlab scripts dedicated to the post-processing and the analyis (feature extraction) of ultrasound data acquired using Ultraspeech. It implements a standard semi-automatic edge extraction procedure which is based on anisotropic filtering and active contours (snake). It also implements the EigenTongue approach which is a statistical technique consisting in encoding an ultrasound frame by its projections onto a set of standard (tongue) configurations. 


Following is a short description of the m-files included in the current release (beta 0.1).

  • ultraspeechMovieMaker.m Build movies from ultrasound, video, and audio data recorded with Ultraspeech
  • ultraspeechEigenTongue feature extraction Eigentongues feature extraction technique, with pre-filtering of ultrasound images using anisotropic diffusion filter

more to come ;-)