Ultraspeech - Data acquisition of multimodal speech data

Ultraspeech is a software which allows the synchronous and simultaneous acquisition of:

  • high-speed ultrasound images
  • high-speed video images
  • multi-channel audio signal

Ultraspeechhas been originaly designed to record simultaneously the movements of the tongue (using ultrasound), the lips (using a video camera), together with the acoustic speech sound, for researches in phonetics and speech technologies. 


Ultraspeech is compatible with the followings devices:

  • Ultrasound system Terason T3000 (laptop/OEM version) & Telemed Echoblaster (since 1.3 beta release)
  • WDM-compliant industrial cameras provided by Imaging Source
  • ASIO compatible soundcards.

Ultraspeech - Typical use

Ultraspeech is “user friendly”. The entire recording procedure is fully automatic (push-button like) and no a posteriori human check is needed. After each acquisition, data are directly available as series of bitmaps for both image streams and WAV files for the audio stream, in the specified directory. Ultraspeech provides also convenient tools for large database recording, such as an automatic file naming system, the automatic display of the text stimuli and finally, an interactive inter-session re-calibration mechanism that allows recording of large audiovisual speech databases in multiple acquisition sessions.

Ultraspeech was first presented in 2008 at the eighth International Seminar on Speech Production (download article here).